I was born and raised on a farm outside the small town of Crestline, Ohio. It was there that I learned to appreciate nature and enjoy the outdoors.

My photography career got off to a rocky start when I took my first camera to 4-H camp in the third grade. I accidentally wound past an exposure on my 110-film camera, but figured it would be no problem-I'd just wind all the way through the film back to the exposure. My first roll of film contained just 2 shots! Taught me a lesson though.

My sophomore year in high school, I got my first 35mm camera, a Pentax compact zoom camera that my parents still use today. Four years later in college, I took a lucky shot with this camera that sealed my fate, and instilled in me a love for photography. My senior year in college I took my first big step by buying a used Canon Rebel. It was only a small amount of time before I had a full array of lenses to record the beauty of Colorado and the Colorado Springs area where I went to college.

Since then my Air Force career has sent me all over the world, but no place finer then Anchorage, Alaska. It is here I switched to digital, and finally started getting serious about photography. My love for the outdoors has carried me off the beaten track many times, and I always have my camera in hand to record the wildlife I see.